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In a perfect world marketing would equal leads and leads would equal sales. Sadly, we aren’t blessed with this simplicity. I’ll let the statistics speak for themselves.
Recent research from Orchestrate shows that 75% of leads aren’t ready to buy. To counteract this issue, lead nurturing is key. In fact Demand Generation’s report revealed nurtured leads receive a 20% greater increase in sales opportunities than non-nurtured leads.
So, in order to address the gap between the initial interaction and ready to buy phase your company needs an effective tool to achieve the sales numbers it desires.
LeadMaster is the all-in-one Lead Management, Sales and Marketing automation and CRM tool that puts success at your fingertips. Marketing Automation from LeadMaster allows you to streamline, automate and measure marketing tasks to increase your conversions:

  1. Streamline your marketing tasks so that you can reach and process more leads
  2. Automate those tasks to cut your costs and enable your marketing and sales teams to focus on other business areas
  3. Measure the performance of your marketing efforts so that you can see where you need to improve
  4. Convert more sales because clients will move through your sales funnel more efficiently

The set up is up to you. If your company has a particular way it wants to track, score and nurture leads LeadMaster can customize this whichever way you wish. Have certain rules for email/drip marketing or a nurturing process? Applying these rules on LeadMaster could not be easier.
The icing on the cake is that once you are set up LeadMaster takes over establishing contact, maintaining contact, and progressing the level of contact with your leads, allowing you to acquire new leads and closing sales.
Marketing Automation used to be an activity mastered by companies like Amazon. With LeadMaster, your company can experience this powerful tool, no matter what industry, no matter what size.
And (yes, there’s more!) the cherry on the cake is that, unlike many other CRM systems, LeadMaster is not only flexible, customizable and easy to use – it’s affordable too! Oh and did I mention it’s optimized for mobile devices?
Marketing Automation is just the tip of the iceberg. There are many other capabilities that make Leadmaster the ‘Master’. All sound too good to be true? Don’t believe us, take Leadmaster for a test drive on a 30 day free trial period and see for yourself.
Header Image courtesy of LeadMaster at http://www.leadmaster-uk.co.uk