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Social Media Engagement

Channel Tools offers an end-to-end service to meet your social media objectives – and boost your social media presence.

Whether you need ‘start-from scratch’ help in creating your social media profiles, high level development of your strategic approach, the day-to-day management of your social media activity, (or all of it!), we can do it all whilst providing full circle reporting throughout the process.

Our Services Include


  • Social media strategy development
  • Social media content calendar creation
  • Bespoke Training

Set Up

  • Social media profiles audit
  • Create and design of your Social Media Profiles
  • Full artwork and branding creation for each Social Media channel

Research & Insight

  • Monitoring & managing your online reputation
  • Measurement and reporting on the impact of social media activity
  • Design & implement listening and responding processes


  • Social Media Audience Growth activity
  • Managing the conversation and posting content on your behalf
  • Increasing genuine engagement and establishing relationships

The Benefits:

  • Traffic generation to your website
  • Improved SEO through social media
  • Gained Thought Leader positioning in your industry
  • Enhanced social credibility
  • Engagement in meaningful conversations with your buyer personas
  • Creation of a community around your business

How we work:

  • Close partnership with you to engage effectively on your behalf
  • All work carried out is designed with your bespoke business goals and objectives in mind
  • Wider marketing strategies are considered in order for all social media activity to be cohesive with these
  • All engagement fits seamlessly with your brand guidelines, existing approach and tone of voice, and any wider campaigns

Social Sentiment Tool

The Social Sentiment tool uses powerful AI solutions to interpret the data and provides a clear dashboard to translate all the noise from social media into a clear and meaningful synopsis of what is being said on social media.  This offers a near realtime interpretation as people voice their reactions, both good and bad to provide an assessment of sentiment, of emotion and of the real language being used.

The Social Sentiment tool can empower your own content delivery whilst taking advantage of your competitor’s failings and driving the narrative.

Social Hub

Manage all your business social media communications directly from social hub, the social module, part of our integrit platform. Browse suggested content from your company marketing team, choose your platforms, create your content, decide on a time and a date and let Social Hub schedule your posts. We have a web version too. Contact us to find more information.