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The mobile marketing industry is expecting a momentous 2017. Each year we seem to become more, and more dependent to our mobile phones. A small number of people believe that the mobile app industry for business has already peaked and therefore wouldn’t be worth investing in a strategy… But they couldn’t be more wrong! In 2016, we saw total global app downloads surpass 90billion, representing a 15% growth from 2015. 

The evidence is overwhelmingly in favour of mobile apps still being at the forefront of any mobile strategy. So why do some people still question whether apps are necessary? It is often mentioned that apps are only for the big players. There is some fragile research detailing that users only retain around 20% of total apps downloaded. There is no real hard evidence to suggest this is true, but what this does offer; is the room for businesses to maximise on the opportunity against those people who do not believe that a mobile app is necessary. For a business, this could give you the competitive edge.

The less companies that have their own application, the greater chances you’ll have with making your mobile app catch the eye of your targeted market. It’s vital to remember that no matter how niche your industry, a well developed and deployed mobile strategy is critical.

Just think about it for a second, how many people do you know that don’t own a smartphone?
Having a smartphone can often be described as ‘Having the world at your fingertips’ and it is absolutely true. Need a taxi? – Uber! Want to share a cool picture – Instagram! .. Got a question you need answering? – Google! Your world revolves around your phone and perhaps more precisely the apps you download.


Source: Digital Marketing Megatrends 2017


It is time to use the facts and figures to your advantage. According to Statisa the total number of mobile phone users world-wide is currently sat at 4.77bn and by 2019 it is predicted to be at 5.07bn. It is predicted that $82billion will be the closing figure for global app revenue for 2017.

‘But how can you make money from an app’? In 2017 this really should be classed as a rhetorical question… It’s choices galore on how you decide to drive your return on investment for the app. There’s around 6 proven efficient monetization models that can be occupied. Directly selling the app is just one, and perhaps the most well-known. But what if that glove doesn’t quite fit the hand? Have you considered hybrid monetization – Selling products within a free app? Have you heard of the ‘Freemium model strategy’? What about a relatively new monetization method in sponsorship? Subsequently, you may wish to start thinking beyond the application and consider how to squeeze every inch of value out of your app. Take the data that the users themselves will generate for you; their demographics, click path, and general activity. If you’re properly tracking what your customers are looking at within your app, that could land you with a goldmine of business prospects.

It can be awfully daunting at first, but maybe it’s time to take the leap into the world of mobile. Whether you are seeking a solution to set yourselves apart from the chasing competition, or you need to ‘catch up’ with the way the industry has evolved recently, we have a path for you. All you need is the backing of a team that know what they’re are doing. Channel Tools lives and breathes the world of emerging technologies, mobile, innovation, and business strategy.

Our focus lies solely with delivering for our clients. Our skill is simple, we are good at working with people to create, design and implement commercial apps perfectly matched to the needs of our clients and consistently delivering ROI.

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