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The current pandemic means that ensuring personal distance of staff is a vital task for companies to manage. To prevent your facility from shutting down you should trace and document that the correct distancing rules are being followed. This will help to protect the health of your employees by providing distance warnings and tracking potential infection routes. The Safectory Social Distancing solution is a great way to ensure compliance and to reduce risk of infection to your staff.

The Safectory solution includes:

  • Alerts when personal encounters with too little distance and of a certain minimum duration (15-30 seconds) occur.
  • Reporting to assist the protection of the employees. The individuals affected but also the responsible manager can be informed.
  • Contact chain management: In case of infection, contacts can be traced and informed.

The Safectory solution allows you to equip each employee with a BLE-transmitter (Bluetooth low energy). Any working areas are covered by BLE Gateways. The BLE transmitters send / receive signals to / from nearby transmitters and calculate distance (based on signal strength).

If two or more workers are too close to each other for a certain minimum amount of time the workers device will vibrate and the associated app will generate an audio-visual alarm. By tracking the distance, contact chains can be determined in the event of an infection and potential victims can be warned.

The solution is flexible in how you want to manage the movement data-recording and transmission options. For example, you may not want to record any encounter data at all and want to just use the tag to emit an alarm to make the user aware of the compliance with minimum distances. Alternatively, you may want data transmitted to the back end of the solution based on a time series, e.g. every 15 minutes.

In practice, the choice of the desired option depends on the needs of the company and the respective intentions and possibilities to establish its data protection standards.

In principle, the hardware elements worn by the employees function autonomously without any backend – however, user assignment or contact chains cannot then be traced.

Key Takeaways:

  • Quick deployment and ready within less than 1 week from receipt of tags
  • Modular, scalable, cost-effective
  • Configurable

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This is an extract from an article written by Klaus Hast at Safectory. To see the full details, click here.