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Understanding your environment whether you are in Retail, Manufacturing or Office based, is very important as it allows you to make decisions based on what can be seen, helping you to get to know your customers better, keeping an area safe or even ensuring compliance when it comes to rules such as wearing face masks.

This is where Computer Vision is really starting to add value. Computer Vision trains computers to interpret and understand the visual world. By using digital imagery, machines can accurately identify and classify objects and react to what they see. For a better understanding of Computer Vision, read this Introduction to Computer Vision.

Accuracy rates for object identification and classification have jumped from 50% a decade ago to 99% by 2019, and today’s systems are even more accurate than humans (Source: TechSee).

Computer Vision started in the 1950s when neural networks began to detect the edges of objects and sorted them into shapes. As the internet matured in the 1990s, large sets of images became available online for analysis, driving the development of facial recognition programs. Today, Computer Vision technology has become easily accessible, making it more appealing to enterprise. The real-life use cases of Computer Vision now means it can provide actionable insight for a business.

This real-life commercial imperative gained by using Computer Vision Modelling has resulted in the growth of a number of specialist companies creating Computer Vision modelling to drive commercial agility within businesses. One of those companies to watch is EVERYANGLE.

EVERYANGLE uses Computer Vision to provide actionable insight through a suite of developed applications that make sense of the data you are collecting through Cisco Meraki MV Smart Cameras. Available applications include Next Gen Footfall; PPE Detection; Warehouse Intelligence; Customer Waiting; Suspicious Person Detection; Social Safety; Fire Detection and; Face Mask Detection. Find out more about the EVERYANGLE solutions here.

Is Computer Vision the way forward? According to this report, the Computer Vision market is expected to reach $48.6 billion by 2022, making it an extremely promising UX technology (Source: XD Adobe).