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Channel Tools today announces signing a strategic agreement with Ombori AB, a company that specialises in providing digital experience in physical spaces using the Ombori Grid Platform. This agreement will allow Channel Tools to develop a sales channel for Ombori in the EMEA region. This will be delivered to market through Channel Tools partnership with Tech Data EMEA.

With the ability to provide seamless customer journeys and shopping experience Ombori boast an impressive range of customer referenceability. Their solutions range from Queue Management all the way through to interactive digital screens, Selfie Mirrors and Smart Recycling Bins.

Above all, every solution is designed to enhance the customer experience and increase connectivity to your brand. Physical locations have to transform and become digital spaces to provide the customer with quicker, easier and safer visits. Three of the core solutions provided are Queue Management, Occupancy Control and Curbside Pickup.

Kewal Gupta, MD at Channel Tools said, “We are pleased to have signed this agreement with Ombori AB. It allows us to extend our range of customer experience solutions across a number of verticals with specific focus areas being Retail, Health and Public Spaces. Also, with Tech Data’s breadth of technology to provide the edge hardware and touchpoints, the market can benefit from being able to procure a complete end-to-end solution to provide an ultimate customer experience through Tech Data.”

Daniel Helman, Chief Commercial Officer at Ombori, added, “In these challenging times, making our spaces safer and easier to use is a priority for our clients. Ombori Grid enables us to do that quickly and cost effectively. We are delighted to partner with Tech Data to bring this to more clients around the World and are very lucky to have Channel Tools support us on our journey.”

If you are interested in finding out more about the solutions available through this collaboration and our strategic agreement with Ombori AB then please contact us.