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Channel Tools, a leading company driving new technology distribution and integration solutions, and mcademy, the first online academy for Apple hardware and software, today announced a strategic partnership.

Channel Tools will add mcademy to its portfolio of solutions, available through TD Synnex. This partnership allows Channel Tools to develop a sales channel for driving mcademy in the EMEA region, offering the innovative e-learning platform to companies and private individuals, helping them to productively use and master their Apple devices.

mcademy offers a series of on-demand courses focusing on topics including Mac basics, cloud applications, Microsoft Basics for Mac and more.

Kewal Gupta, CEO at Channel Tools, said: “We are excited to announce this partnership with mcademy. The key to delivery of solutions to customers is also providing the right training solutions. This relationship is the first and important step in offering training solutions. mcademy are not only a specialist for Apple but the business is run by former seminar trainers and employees. We see this partnership as a critical step in our journey to provide our customers with end-to-end turn key solutions.”

Moritz Salem, Founder and Managing Director of mcademy, said: “In a world where Apple devices are increasingly integrated into professional environments, we see a critical need to offer customised training programs that empower both businesses and individuals. Our platform is designed with a commitment to an intuitive user interface, delivering high-quality, stylish, and interactive course content that encourages users to maximise the potential of their Apple devices.”

If you are interested in finding out more about our agreement with mcademy, please contact us.

About Channel Tools

Channel Tools is a leading company driving new technology distribution and integration solutions. The company works with high potential, emerging, and innovative technology vendors to support their growth and adoption with channel. In addition, Channel Tools provides comprehensive marketing services. For further information, visit www.channel-partnerships.com.

About mcademy

Unlock the full potential of your Apple devices! Learn how to use Apple products and services more effectively with our on-demand courses – the first online course academy of its kind. For further information, visit www.mcademy.com.