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Mobile Apps Drive Business and Introduce Risk

Due to Mobile apps becoming increasingly more sophisticated with processing more sensitive personal and corporate information than ever, organisations need to make sure that these apps are secure. Something as small as an unintentional error in coding could lead to a major security breach.

Development and security teams need visibility throughout the entire software development life cycle to prevent a breach from occurring. However, a highly fragmented set of app security solutions and no visibility into threats on end-user devices has hindered their efforts.

The solution to these problems? Zimperium MAPS.

This solution addresses these problems so your organisation can avoid data breaches or fraud due to attacks or through reverse engineering, damage to your company’s reputation and bottom line and regulatory fines resulting from not being compliant or because of a breach.

Protect the Apps you Build and Use

Apps can create a very positive experience for customers and employees. However, they can also introduce risk as they reside on tens of millions of devices.

The impact of being breached or out of compliance on 25 million devices is almost impossible to measure. To understand your security, privacy and compliance risks in your applications, Zimperium’s MAPS is the solution.

The Only Complete Mobile Security Solution

This solution identifies security, privacy and compliance risks during app development and also protects apps from attacks while in use.

Organisations need a consolidated view of all mobile risks during development and continuously after application release. MAPS allows your organisation to do this.