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How Does the Solution Work?

Keeping employees in your company safe and healthy is vital to stay productive and in business.

Safectory offers a dedicated solution to track and trace close encounters identifying and managing contact chains while ensuring data security in compliance with GDPR regulations.

Employees are asked to wear a smart BLE tag, either as a wristband or badge, and download the Safectory Social Distance Tracking App onto their smartphones.

The App bonds a tag to a certain App user, allowing the employee to receive alarms only for his / her own tag or supervisors to fulfil tasks for a larger group of employees and to receive alarms for this group.

The BLE tag constantly transmits a unique randomised ID, listening to receive such signals from other tags in close proximity. The tag calculates relative distance to all other tags in proximity based on signal strength of those signals received.

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Data Privacy

Using BLE tags means only relative distance is detected and no absolute location is given of any user. On the data stored, only competent authorities can associate a tag ID to a specific employee and thus trace and inform possible affected contacts.

As all IDs are randomised/anonymised and only authorities can access the data, no location information is recoded and no connection between devices is established. Therefore, the solution is 100% safe, secure and future proof, in compliance with GDPR as well as the latest pan-European data-standards.

Alerts and Additional Details

If users are in close proximity and one or more tags are detected, all tags involved will provide immediate feedback to their users by vibrating, flashing with LED light and/or by notifying the Apps to which they are bonded which will generate an alert.

The tags used can store a minimum of 40,000 encounters locally, which are transferred to the system backend through the controller infrastructure in controller covered areas. Controllers are used to cover large areas (>2,000 m2) and are connected to power (PoE or wall plug) and data lines (LAN, Wi-Fi, LTE optional).