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How does it work?

The WiCis Health 3.0 Platform uses cloud-based workflows, video-conferencing, and live vital signs and is the mobile first HIPAA compliant Telehealth and Telemedicine Monitoring solution delivering the intelligence of the medical experience directly to a patient that can be located anywhere and in real-time.

The solution allows doctors to see their patients remotely to prescribe medications or to follow-up from a previous appointment. Vital signs can be monitored from a patient’s home which will alert a doctor if care is needed.

During a time when many hospitals across the country are operating at well above capacity, it is important to save valuable space for those in critical need of health services.

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The Three Components

The WiCis Health solution is essentially made up of three components: CareForms with CareFlows, Video and Vital Signs.

The Data Analytics dashboards are fully customisable and allow you to follow, with a finger on the pulse, any step in your CareFlows, from the number of doctor visits to time spent with each patient.

Data can be streamed to and from the platform using I-Streme, a secure, end to end mobile application that collects, monitors and shares vital data, collected from wearables, anywhere in the world in around one second.

The Competitive Advantage

WiCis Health 3.0 is a HIPAA compliant cloud-based solution that can be deployed within 48 hours and can scale to support thousands of patients. This solution has a competitive advantage as no other market competitor offers the three components mentioned above in one solution.