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How does it work?

Facility Managers across the globe find it difficult to manage their facilities’ environment, employee behaviour patterns, and asset movement. Managing these elements is essential in establishing an effective organisation centred office environment.

Ergosense sensing solutions are BLE modules that send granular raw data over USSD to an AWS cloud-based server where it is processed and aggregated. Sensor modules communicate via Bluetooth mesh network which is closed and securely provisioned.

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The Three Devices

The solutions are made up of three devices – the Doc, Abacus and the Pebble.

The Doc acts as the primary gateway between other Ergosense sensors and the Ergosense platform, measuring Light Lux Levels, CO2 Levels, Humidity Levels, and more.

The Abacus measures Sound, Temperature, Light, Humidity, TVOC and CO2. It also counts people and their direction of movement.

The Pebble is fitted to individual spaces to measure the occupancy of that space. It does not need line of sight in order to detect human presence, it communicates its data via the mesh network to a gateway (Doc or Abacus).