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[heading]Our Value[/heading]

At Channel Tools, we deliver sales and marketing services which can be delivered on or off-site to complement your go-to-marketing team, using the best technologies and specialists.
Our proposition is unique. We can step-in at any phase of the program required – from strategy to management to delivery – and support your existing teams or become your outsourced team. We can help you as much or as little as you need.
Supported by a European network of consultants, freelancers and agencies that have hands-on experience with nearly every major Blue Chip/Fortune 500 company, Channel Tools can help you determine your strategy for new market entry, partnership development, new solution launches, growth initiatives and more -and then support you through development and delivery of the programs.

What is Channel Tools value?

  • Businesses can go directly to specialist marketing agencies to provide particular services to help them meet a sales and marketing need.
  • Channel Tools business model allows access to tailored services on a mix and match basis without compromising quality.
  • This allows Channel Tools clients to get more value for each marketing dollar than through traditional routes.
  • Channel Tools is a company with a customised service for its clients, with a combined experience of over 50 years in IT channel.

Why should companies use Channel Tools?

The business value of Channel Tools services:

  • Maximise value of marketing budget by benefiting from Channel Tools purchasing power.
  • Sales and marketing efforts can scale without the need to increase internal resources.
  • No additional strain on management as Channel Tools provide a managed service in terms of coaching, monitoring progress and reporting.
  • Maximise market development funds and co-marketing funds provided by vendors (e.g. compliance with Intel Inside).